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Where are we?

We are located at the Denby institute and recreational ground off Derby Road in Denby. We are in close proximity to John Flamsteed Community school.

As you enter the road to the recreational ground take the first left and drive past the main building to the parking available at the back.

If you are struggling to find us call us on: 07786 543315


Boxing Fitness

Boxing fitness is a class based on the training concepts used by boxers to keep fit. It is a high intense yet enjoyable workout that includes shadow-boxing, punch bags, hitting pads and learning new techniques in controlling your body.

It is a non contact form of exercise aimed at men and women of all fitness levels and from beginners to advanced. It is a safe and challenging exercise that is definitely rewarding! Boxing training is for everyone no matter your size, shape or sex and good for beginners and experts.

Boxing training is a fun form of fitness that is constantly challenging yet rewarding! Our training instructors will be on hand to show you every step of the way to achieve your best potential.

Boxing training allows you to release your aggression in a controlled and safe environment surrounded by professionals who will help you channel and control yourself with various boxing techniques. With the use of punch bags and pads you can confidently and safely learn more about boxing fitness training and using it to your benefit.

Boxing training focuses on the techniques of boxers to improve your health and is a fantastic way to build self esteem. Attending our boxing gym allows you to train alongside experienced boxers and learn the correct techniques within the training. The main aspect of boxing training is that it’s a fun way to exercise!

Boxing is a sport all about discipline and respect. A boxer preparing for a match must be in top physical condition in order to be prepared and this will influence their diet, mentality and attitude towards training so they can be as fit as possible.

Boxing fitness provides all over body fitness and muscle toning while at the same time making the exercises fun and enjoyable.

Focused energy and concentration